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User finsrite
Size 75 gallon
Date Started April 2007
Lighting 3 48" T12's (total of 120 watts/1.6 wpg) + natural sunlight - tank is located on north wall of my sunroom.
Equipment Marineland C360 Cannister
CO2 None
Substrate Eco complete
Fertilization Flourish and Flourish Excel - a couple times a week at most
Plants Amazon Swords, echinodorus tennellus, ludwigia repens, asian ambulia, bacopa carolinia, anubias, java moss, java fern, crypt, hornwort,duckweed,giant hairgrass,hygros, water wisteria, water sprite, lobelia cardinalis
Inhabitants angels, kribs, cory cats, otos, bamboo shrimp, ghost shrimp, mystery and ramshorn snails, platys, zebra danios, tetras
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