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User Doc305
Size 75 Gallon
Date Started September 27, 2012
Lighting Oddysea 48" Quad 54w
Equipment fogger abandoned early into dry start. Acrylic lids kept for whole dry start before being removed.
CO2 not yet
Substrate Eco Complete
Plants Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis) Petite Nana (Anubias Barteri v. Nana 'petite') Amazon Sword (Echinodorus Amazonicus) Red Flame Sword (Echinodorus Schlueteri x Barthii 'Red Flame') Dwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus callitrichoides)
Inhabitants none yet
Comments Dry Start Method 9/27/2012, Filled 12/27/2012
Profile Views 444
Dry start emersed growth 75g.jpg emersed fully planted.jpg
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