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User SanctusLetum
Size 28 Gallon
Date Started 09/23/12
Lighting MT-601-LED Hood. Has separate Day, Night, and Twilight timed lighting.
Equipment 28 Gallon Nano Cube tank with built-in micro sump filtration system and dual pump return.
CO2 Not purchased yet.
Substrate Temporarily using black coated pea gravel that came with tank. Will be replacing with black sand or similar substrate.
Parameters 18"-22"-22"
Fertilization None yet.
Plants Still in planning phase. Planning on having Dwarf Baby Tears over most of the slate and substrate, with some Anubias Nana or similar anchored to parts of the driftwood, and taller plants such as Amazon Sword or Anacharis in the back left tank
Inhabitants Currently only have residents that were in the tank when I obtained it. A few assorted mollys and platys, two otos, two atrocious "Glofish" (Genetically engineered iridescent nuclear green black skirt tetras). Tank also has two albino corys which I am debating about keeping. I love corys and these look very good with the tank as it is now, but I think the direction I'm going will ultimately mean finding a new home for them along with the other previous inhabitants
Comments Work in progress. I currently have a couple of *GASP!* plastic plants which are a temporary decorative solution. Contenders for the final residency list include cherry shrimp, red crystal shrimp, neon tetras, and German blue rams. Also, Driftwood is currently in the saturation phase and is being pinned down by slate. It will be in a much more attractive position once this is completed.
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Please keep in mind when rating that this tank is still in the initial setup phase. There is a lot of potential here, honest!
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