ylot77 40 gallon breeder - Your Tanks
User ylot77
Size 40 gallon breeder
Date Started September 21, 2012
Lighting Zoomed Aquasun T5HO fixture Zoomed T5HO Flora-Sun 5000K x 2
Equipment Fluval 305 canister filter Coralife 9W UV sterilizer Petco 160gph powerhead
CO2 Aquariumplants.com CO2 regulator Up-Aqua CO2 Super Diffuser
Substrate Aquariumplants.com "Natural Amazon" fractured clay
Parameters pH 6.2 75 F Alk 90 ppm dGH 3.0
Fertilization Aquariumplants.com root tablets Aquariumfertilizer.com PMDD and Plantex CSM+B
Plants Proserpinaca palustris Limnophila hippuroides "Aromatica" Rotala rotundifolia Cryptocoryne parva Eleocharis montevidensis Taxiphyllum alternans Lysimachia nummularia Hemianthus callitri Riccia fluitans Hygrophila corymbosa Lilaeopsis brasiliensis Anubias coffeefolia and whatever else I can cram in there!
Inhabitants Boraras maculatus Corydoras habrosus "Pygmy" Neocaridina heteropoda "RCS" Caridina cantonensis "CRS"
Comments Feeding NLS pellets, hikari algae wafers and bloodworms. It doesn't look like the picture anymore, but I haven't updated the picture yet.
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