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Size 10 Gallon
Date Started Sept 10th, 2012
Lighting Factory hood with crappy lights ripped out. I retrofitted 2 high-heat, water resistant lizard fixtures and slapped 2 16W 6500k power compacts in there.
Equipment 1 Aqua-Tech 5-15 HOB Filter filled with pot-scrubbies. 1 Fluval 100W heater I took out of my old Saltwater 16Gal Nano-Cube.
CO2 Nope. Not planning on it.
Substrate Dirt and cat-litter (pure clay kind) capped with 0.5"-1" of natural river gravel mixed with some coral sand. Fairly small grain but some pieces are as large as typical aquarium gravel.
Parameters Temperature is 24.5 C API Test Kit Results: PH 8.0 Ammonia 0.25 ppm Nitrite 0.0ppm Nitrate 0.0ppm
Fertilization Not right now. I plan on dosing with Flourish Excel and whatever the plants seem to want.
Plants Jungle Val and Java Moss are the only 2 that I can identify. I just grabbed a bunch from the LFS and they couldn't tell me squat. Working on this. I also plan on expanding the plant load in the future. Java fern would look nice on my large hunk of driftwood and I'd really like a carpet plant of some kind.
Inhabitants 1 very brave and tough Leopard Danio. She (I think its a she) seems to be handling the cycle very well, though the plants and daily 20% water changes for the first week probably helped. I'm planning on having a school of the danios, maybe as many as 6 as the tank matures. I'm very fond of Cherry Red Shrimp as well and have had very good luck with them in the past. Maybe a few Snails too, we'll see.
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