DC737 25 Tall - Your Tanks
User DC737
Size 25 Tall
Date Started 08/20/2012
Lighting Coralife 2x T5HO, 5000k/10000k
Equipment Rena Filstar X/P-1, aqueon 100 Watt heater
CO2 5Lb tank, MA-957, mc-122 ph controller, fluval diffuser (atomic in-line diffuser on-order )
Substrate Flourite original dark
Parameters Ammonia 0, NO2 0, NO3 7.5, GH 8, KH 6, PH - Reduced to 6.6 with CO2
Fertilization Until expended - full seachem regimen - adjusted with their custom spreadsheet.
Plants Java fern / moss, red cabomba, variegated sword, vals, dwarf sag, frogbit, trace of duckwort - argh!
Inhabitants 4 panda cories, 2 sterbai cories, 5 neons, 4 cardinals, 3 otocinclus, 4 Harlequin rasbora.
Comments Lights on - 11 hours no break.
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