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User Silmarwen
Size 10 Gallons
Date Started 12Sept2012
Lighting Flourescent 19w
Equipment Aquaeon QuietFlow 10, HOB kit-included filter.
CO2 None, and none planned.
Substrate Gravel (Colored aquarium pea-gravel)
Parameters Stable
Fertilization Root tabs for each of the sword clusters
Plants Aponogeton sp., Argentine Sword (Echinodorus argentinensis), Anacharis
Inhabitants 6 Zebra Danio, ghost shrimp, pond snails (at its peak)
Comments DEFUNCT TANK. Noted for posterity: My first tank, using an Aqueon Deluxe 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit. This is something of an experimental tank for me, since I've never had an aquarium that had live plants before. The water fern (behind the snowflake obsidian) was planted in the gravel for almost a week before I realized it should be tied to something above the substrate. I'm working on it :) This tank was disassembled in May 2015. The plants had completely taken over, and the small school of Danios that my roommate let die while I was away became snail food.
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You should probably add some more danios, they need schools. I'd suggest at least 3 more. Nice tank! My first planted tank looked like trash.
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