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User Lisa123
Size 65 gal. (36w 24h 18d)
Date Started June 2011 tank, August 2012 planted
Lighting 2 Lights: Aqueon Floramax T8 25w. All Glass Aquarium Daylight 25w
Equipment Emperor 400 filter, Green Killing Machine UV sterilizer
CO2 API CO2 Booster - 5 ml daily
Substrate plain gravel as I only started the planted tank just recently.
Parameters Soft water (hardness 75), Alkalinity (High 300), pH 8.0-8.5 (High) Ammonia, Nirate and Nitrite, all 0. Water change = 40% weekly w/Stress Coat added.
Fertilization Flourish 2x a week
Plants 3 Amazon Swords, 2 Anubias Nana petite, 3 wisteria, 4 cryptocoryne wendtii
Inhabitants 1 BN pleco, 6 Lemon Tetras, 3 German Rams, 3 peppered corys, 2 male black mollies, 3 small rainbow fish, 2 Angel fish
Comments After 20+ years of having fish tanks, this is my first planted tank! Right now my tank is a combo of real and artificial plants. As I add plants, I take out the artificial as I go.
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