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User planBtypeA
Size 20g
Date Started a while ago
Lighting T5HOx4 all 6500k. 2 bulbs on 0800-1400, other 2 from 1000-1800. LED moonlight (under repair)
Equipment AquaClear 30- Standard setup TopFin 10-30- Custom Mod -Corse foam, Ceramic Bio "nuggets", Purigen, Fine foam
CO2 DIY, hardline to 2 airstone diffusers (only one working right now for some odd reason)
Substrate Mix: Flourite Black, Carib-SeaSand=White
Fertilization Flourish, API, Petsmart mix
Plants Uhhh, dont know all the names... *Anubis- one front and center, one tied to driftwood *Hairgrass- mini/dwarf? *Various Ferns/Crypts *Lilly bulb that sprouts 2 for every one I trim/transplant *Some others that I cant remember the names of
Inhabitants Blak Skirt Tetras, Sunrise Molly, MTS, Ghost Shrimp, Dwarf Gourami, Couple of Otos
Comments Just did a BIG rescape/replant after a CRAZY ourbreak of BBA and GW, and this is what survived...
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Were horrible people shopping at the petsmarts and not at the small/local lfs... I have that same dragon... good times, nice tank
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