BenScoobert 7foot X24 x21 - Your Tanks
User BenScoobert
Size 7foot X24 x21
Date Started April 2007
Lighting 4 x 4 foot t5 4 x 18inch t8
Equipment cascade 1500 jad 2100 lph powerhead
Substrate 2-3cm sphagnum moss peat with 4 cm gravel above
Parameters ph 7 26 deg
Fertilization none
Plants over 200
Inhabitants 70 or so tetras 2 pleco
Profile Views 1252
Algae Grower
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OOOO what a nice tank if I do say so myself!!!
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Why the $*#@ is there such a bad rating? That's one of the best tanks I've ever seen.
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