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User Mike in MD
Size 65 G
Date Started 8/10/12
Lighting DIY 36 LED with Typhon Controller
Equipment Cascade 1200, Wet/Dry sump, Fluidized Bed filter, (3)Phosban reactors, Co2 with EXT5000 reactor, UV, 200W Heater, pH controller.
CO2 Azoo regulator with solenoid on 5 Lb bottle
Substrate 50 Lbs Flourite
Parameters Ph-6.8 Ammonia-0 Nitrites-0 Nitrates-5 to 10 ppm KH-3
Plants Foxtail "RED", Myriophyllum heterophyllum Bacopa Carolina Anacharis narrow Leaf, Egeria Nanas Alternanthera reineckii roseafolia Chain Sword - Echinodorus tenellus Mayaca - Mayaca fluviatilis Amazon Sword - Echinodorus bleheri Dwarf Subulata - Sagittaria subulata
Inhabitants Silver Pigeonblood –Discus Hans Marlboro Red – That Fish Place Blue Diamond – Discus Hans Dark Angel – Discus Hans Turquoise – Premium Aquatics (Discus Hans) ? – Premium Aquatics (Discus Hans) 9-Various Cories 3- Cardinals 12- Rummynose 6- Bolivian Rams 3- Clown Loaches
Comments In the process of building a DIY Touchscreen controller
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