Ebi Fluval Flora 7.9 Gal Nano Kit - Your Tanks
User Ebi
Size Fluval Flora 7.9 Gal Nano Kit
Date Started 09/15/12
Lighting 2x Fluval 13w Compact Florescent
CO2 Fluval Pressurized CO2
Substrate Fluval Flora 4.4 lb & Fluval Ebi 4.4 lb Substrate
Fertilization Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter
Plants Hygrophila Angustifolia, Heteranthera "Zosterfolia", Flame Moss, Christmass Moss, Phoenix Moss, & Subwassertang.
Inhabitants Gonna be adding a pair of Blue Eye Gertrudae Rainbows & an Otocinclus for fish. 3 Dozen Rili Shrimp, and CRS in a month or 2.
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