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User Yianni
Size 6.6 G
Date Started July 2011
Lighting -Replaced stock halogens with MR11s -Added 2x 3Watt lightbulbs under the hood -Added a 30LED light (incl. 6 blue ones) in front connected to front of hood but passing through it
CO2 88g Fluval ceramic infuser is at the bottom of my filter under the sacks
Substrate Simply black gravel
Fertilization A few root tabs Daily Flourish Excel Weekly flourish iron and Flourish
Plants -Cryptocoryne in the back -Java ferns (use babies in other tank) -Marimo ball -Fissidens fontanus attached to driftwood that has the java ferns on right side -Xmas moss in foreground
Inhabitants -6x Neon Tetra -7x Amano shrimp (4 constantly pregger females!) I know its too darn much but gf surprised me with them!
Comments My first tank. Dunno why on earth I decided to challenge myself this much with a Fluval Edge
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