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User TheLoneBadger
Size 37 Gallon
Date Started February 2006
Lighting 3 incendescent bulbs up above
Equipment Fluval Filter, timer for Co2 cannister and light
CO2 Red Sea CO2 Cannister
Substrate Just gravel
Fertilization Dump in a little Flourish Iron supplement about once a week, tablets in gravel every few months
Plants It's a jungle! I don't know the names of any of these plants. I buy 'em, they take off, I trim 'em back, they take over, I trim 'em back.
Inhabitants One angelfish, a few red guys, a few suckerfish and a self-sustaining inbred population of guppies that keep giving birth, eating their young, a few survive, give birth, get eaten.
Comments I love my planted tank, but I have no idea the names of any of its inhabitants.
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My tank, the jungle II.jpg
i love planted tanks
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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very nice tank!love the lushness of it..good job
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