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70g tank nov 2012.JPG
User jamntoast
Size 70 gallons 48"x18"x18"
Date Started
Lighting 2 x 48" 54w t5ho with a tinfoil reflector
Equipment fluval 305
CO2 just diy right now, planning to upgrade to paintball co2 asap
Substrate soil with a sand cap of some really fine grain local sand
Plants Anubias barteri nana Crypt Wendtii 'Bronze Echinodorus amazonicus Echinodorus ozelot Echinodorus tellunus hygrophila corymbosa Various valliserna
Inhabitants Diamond tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) Black neon tetra (Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi) Bronze cory (Corydoras aeneus) and one hengelli rasbora that hitch hiked in when I brought some of the black neons home
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what brand light is that
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The brand is sun blaster
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