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User easystreet
Size 29 gallon
Date Started march 07
Lighting coralife aquaglow 65w
Equipment rena xp2, penguin bio-wheel 250, aquamedic glass difusser
CO2 DIY 2 2l bottles
Substrate volcanit mixed with natural looking river mix
Fertilization 1ml Flourish daily, Flourish fe on occasion
Plants cardinal plant, rotala indica, micro leaf chain sword, hygrophilia, java moss, italian val, moneywort or pennywort, and i think ludwidgia if someone can clarify i lost the paper i had them written on.
Inhabitants 6 various platys, 6 ghost shrimp, 2 ottos, 2 gouramis.
Comments i am new to this but having a great time if anyone has pointers shoot em my way and if you can identify the plants shoot me a line too,
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Very nice.
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