jbig 20L - Your Tanks
User jbig
Size 20L
Date Started June 2012
Lighting Wavepoint Micro Sun HO LED 8W
Equipment HOB filter, heater, airstone
CO2 Excel 2.0mL daily
Substrate gravel
Parameters unknown
Fertilization comprehensive - 1.5mL every 4 days seachem root tabs
Plants Telanthera cardinalis (1) Bacopa caroliniana (3), anubias nana/afzelli/congensis, Amazon sword (1), corkscrew val (5-6), java moss, crypts (3),
Inhabitants German Blue Rams (1), Kribensis Cichlid (1) Neon Tetras (13), Endlers (4), angelicus loach (1), Long finned serpae tetra (4), siamese algae eater (1), unknown tetra (1)
Comments 2pcs driftwood (grapevine i believe), 2pcs red lava rock
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