ProndFarms 55g - Your Tanks
User ProndFarms
Size 55g
Date Started 09/07/2012
Lighting 4 - T8 32W NO Flourescents. Currently using only 2 tubes.
Equipment Eheim 200 HOB Filter
CO2 None at the moment. Will be making a DIY Jello-Yeast reactor soon.
Substrate Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix with a Black Beauty Blasting Sand cap.
Plants Cabomba carolinia, Ludwigia repens, Vallisneria asiatica, Crypt. sp.?, Rotala sp.?
Inhabitants None yet
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It's a great setup, but your filter is under powered. Planted tanks love high flow, best of luck.
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Well thank you...Yeah, I am working on getting a TMC V2 Fluidized Sandbed Filter with a Rio 1000 pump and sponge prefilter, but that should be another month or so.
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