Siggav 4g - Your Tanks
User Siggav
Size 4g
Date Started 9th of August 2012
Lighting built in LED that came with the tank
Equipment One rena mini filter and a 25 watt heater
CO2 None atm
Substrate Fluval plant stratum + fine gravel
Parameters ph 7.2, temp 24 C
Fertilization Just micro nutrients once a week atm
Plants dwarf hairgrass, staurogyne repens and Pogostemon helferi
Inhabitants 3 amano shrimp
Comments Tank is next to a window so gets a fair bit of daylight through that. Not sure how the built in LED will cope when winter hits for real.
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Algae Grower
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Awesome what you've done is such a small scape. I love it.
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