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User bgisme66
Size 20 Long
Date Started 8-14-2012
Lighting T5 HO 24w two 24 Led flex lights15w total.
Equipment Fluval U2,Dolphin Q,6in air stone buried,Custom Lexan top,custom drop down light cover,Fluval 88 Co2.
CO2 Diy 0 $ with a cigarette filter defuser. Fluval 88g pressurized is in the mail.
Substrate Black and blue.
Parameters 30lX12hX12d
Fertilization None as of yet.
Plants Mondo grass,Bleheri,5 assorted bulbs planted,duck weed.
Inhabitants Bacteria I hope. Trying to decide if I want to try South African Cichlids (less aggressive ones).
Comments Just starting up.
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FYI: the mondo grass and lucky bamboo aren't true aquatic plants and, though they'll live for a little while submerged, eventually begin to rot. The lucky bamboo can survive with the stem underwater so long as the leaves are in the air.
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