otaku521 24" x 14" x 12" (AquaOne 528 Set Aquarium) - Your Tanks
User otaku521
Size 24" x 14" x 12" (AquaOne 528 Set Aquarium)
Date Started Aug 16, 2012
Lighting Removed 2x T8 15W set and changed to 6 Ultra Bright LED Strips (3 Normal White and 3 Ultra White)
Equipment Atman CF-1200 Canister
CO2 DIY using 1L Plastic Juice Bottle connect to water stone
Substrate Black Sand
Parameters PH 7.5
Plants 2 Piece of wood hooked up with Moss and no idea what are the plants name
Inhabitants 2 Mollies 1 Albino Cory 7 Guppies 8 Amano Shrimps
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