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User comicus
Size 50 gallons
Date Started May 3, 2007
Lighting 2x65 watt 6500k CF
Equipment Fluval 205, Ebo Jager 200 watt heater
CO2 diy. 1 gal wine jug with rubber stopper, 1.5 tsp champagne yeast, 6 cups sugar. Lasts 1 month.
Substrate 60 lbs eco-complete
Parameters ph-6.5 nh3-0 no2-0 no3-10 GH-2 KH-3
Fertilization Flourish line
Plants Amazon swords, vals, cabomba
Inhabitants rummy nose tetras, rams, corys, otocinclus
Comments getting black lace veil angels soon
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nice tank but is there anyway you can toy with the camera settings to make it glare less
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