Bennyboy 50 gallon - Your Tanks
tank pic 1.jpg
User Bennyboy
Size 50 gallon
Date Started 5/2012
Lighting Solarmax dual t5 ho
Equipment rena 75 gallon canister filter
CO2 diy
Substrate eco complete
Fertilization nitrate 1/4 tsp 2 x week phosphote, 1/16 2 x week equilibrium 1/4 tsp after wc iron every other day florish every other day exel 5 ml every day
Plants Amazon sword, java fern, anubias, windlelove, red wendii, tiger lotus, tiger lily, wisteria, luwigia red, valisinera, micro sword, various other not sure of name
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Imi Statue
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Nice tank! to add: the tall wrinkle leafed long stemmed plant in the middle is Aponogeton boivinianus.
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