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User let's.get.tanked
Size 29 gal
Date Started April 2012
Lighting AquaticLife 2 x 24w T5 HO
Equipment Sun Sun canister filter 375GPH 150 watt Penn Plax heater
CO2 DIY co2 (2) 2 liter bottles rotated weekly, Maxi-jet 400 vac tube diffuser
Substrate Flourite
Parameters Temp is 76 degrees. Don't check the rest. I use fresh water from my spring which is slightly acidic. Fish thrive and plants grow like crazy.
Fertilization Pfertz (NPK), Flourish Comp, Trace, Iron, Excel
Plants Anubias, chain sword, bacopa, mexican oak plant, wisteria, dwarf hairgrass and some others
Inhabitants (12) Rasboras (3) Platies (2) Otos (2) YoYo loaches (1) Green Kribensis or Rainbow Krib(not totally sure)...(5) Nerite snails (6) Amano shrimp
Comments This is my first tank in about 8 years. Last tank I had was a 55 gal with 2 oscars in it. Forgot how fun this hobby is. I also set up a nano reef thats doing really well. Planted or reef? Can't decide which I like better...
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Your tank looks really good! Nice and crisp looking! I like the way its set up!
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How is your Sun Sun holding up? I have the same as you but mine seems to have lost some flow. What are you using for media? Love the tank I am also using a CO2 Sugar/Yeast Mix. I was looking into additives as well. Thanks for sharing your tank, great job.
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Thanks for the compliments! I'm satisfied with the filter so far and haven't noticed decreased flow yet. Bottom tray is coarse foam, middle is bio balls n' rings, top is filter floss replaced monthly. I dont use the pads it came with in the bottom tray just the middle and top ones. I did add a maxi-jet 400 to the tank with a gravel vac attached as my co2 diffuser plus it adds some extra flow.
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I recently started a dosing schedule using pfertz. I like the simplicity and noticed results in a week. I also tweaked my 'scape a bit, added some rocks and made some plant changes. Tryin for a carpet of DHG. Updated pics comin' soon.
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