lsiebert 1 gallon - Your Tanks
User lsiebert
Size 1 gallon
Date Started 08/17/12
Lighting Desktop lamp/Natural
Equipment None.
CO2 None.
Substrate Miracle-Gro Organic, natural stone.
Fertilization Miracle-Gro Organic.
Plants Bamboo, Corkscrew Vallisneria, Dracaena
Inhabitants Crowntail Betta, (2) Mystery snails
Comments My first! Hoping to get the water a bit clearer.
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Indian fern
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CUTE! :3
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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So cramped in there for the poor fish, upgrade and it would be cute... :3
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He needs and actual tank with a filter and heater. You will have to do daily water changes to keep him alive in this bowel.
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