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User icliao
Size 215cm x 90cm x 75cm
Date Started 8 june 2007
Lighting 36w X 12 PC flourescent. Osram cool daylight bulbs.
Equipment Main pump: 7000 liters per hour Circulation pump: 3000 liters per hour
CO2 1.5 bubble per second.
Substrate Brown soil of unknown origin.
Parameters KH: 7 PH: 7.44 (Help, can't bring it down)
Fertilization Tera fertilizer sand in the soil. Any recommandations?
Plants Java Fern, Java Moss, Red Lotus, Tiger Lotus, Sword plants, Anubias, Cryptocoryne beckettii, Echinodorus and many unknown.
Inhabitants 10 Zebra Danio, 10 Rosboras Harlequin, 12 Guppy, 16 Red Nose, 6 algae eater, 2 Redfin shark, 2 Dwarf loach, 8 Glass Tetra, 33 Neon Tetra, 10 Lampeye, 2 Marble Corydoras, 5 angel.
Comments Just starting, really don't know much about this hobby. Have been keeping corals and marine fish for years.
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Planted Tank Obsessed
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I think your tank rules. I am new to planted too but your tank is AWESOMOSAURUS I like the huge amount of java fern. I think it could use more danios.
Amazon Man
Algae Grower
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I really like it too bro. Maybe, I will add some ferns now too. How long do they take to grab the wood strong enough. And what do u use to hold them there until then/?
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