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User simplechamp
Size 2G
Date Started 07-20-12
Lighting BeamsWork 9x1W 6700k LED
Equipment Aqueon Evolve 2. Stock filtration with small pouch of Fluval BioMax, and Fluval coarse foam pre-filter. Marina 25W Heater.
CO2 None
Substrate CaribSea Super Naturals sand
Fertilization Aqueon Aquarium Plant Food (0-0-1) and API Root Tabs (3-1-1)
Plants Amazon Sword, Bacopia, Wisteria, Amazon Frogbit, Anubius, Java Moss, Unidentified Moss
Inhabitants Red Cherry Shrimp
Profile Views 1082
Indian fern
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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CUTE! :3
Algae Grower
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Looks nice! The plants are lovely green!
Koi Kameon
Planted Member
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Great color contrasts with the black, white, and green. Have not seen this tank before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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