Knotyoureality 0.75 gallon - Your Tanks
User Knotyoureality
Size 0.75 gallon
Date Started 8/8/12
Lighting Indirect sunlight, full spectrum bulb in reading lamp to supplement
Equipment None
CO2 None
Substrate Fluorite with scattered polished aquarium gravel.
Fertilization 1x weekly, 3 drops Flourish.
Plants crypts, cardamine lyrata, christmas moss, mini bolbitis
Inhabitants 6x orange bee shrimp, 1x olive nerite
Profile Views 1038
Indian fern
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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I suggest you these plants: Windelov java fern, anubias, java fern, taiwan moss, peacock moss and Liliaeopsis. The lush landscape will be good looking for the shrimps. Especially the moss, they love it! The plants I suggest are slow growing, beautiful, easy to care and grows well in low light.
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