Catie79 2.5 Gallon - Your Tanks
User Catie79
Size 2.5 Gallon
Date Started October 2012
Lighting Flourescent desk lamp
Equipment Sponge filter, heater
CO2 none
Substrate gravel
Fertilization Fish poop
Plants Pennywort, water wisteria, java moss, anubias nana 'petite'
Inhabitants 3 Endler males, 2 crystal shrimp
Comments Originally a quarantine tank, turned into a home for the Endler males when they had to be moved in a hurry. Two shrimp jumped in the net and I left them in when I couldn't get them back out. Tank has since been updated with a lot of plants and has actually become rather cute.
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Nice little tank! You know, if you want to breed Endler's, you could just throw a few females in there. I bet they'd breed like guppies! They are actually related to guppies... FYI, partnerless male Endler's will court female mosquitofish... It's weird.
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