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User Catie79
Size 10 gallons
Date Started June 30, 2012
Lighting Finnex Fugeray 20"
Equipment HOB filter, baffled
CO2 Pressurized CO2, about 20-25ppm
Substrate Eco-complete
Parameters 79 degrees F, 7.0 ph, 0/0/<5ppm
Fertilization EI with dry ferts
Plants anubias (nana and narrow leaf varieties), crypts (spiralis and wenditii), java moss, java ferns, dwarf hair grass, pennywort
Inhabitants 1 betta male, 3 oto cats
Comments Formerly a divided tank but the divider was removed during a fight with BG algae (circulation issues), currently my first attempt at a high tech tank
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I'm not usually a fan of divided tanks, but you've managed to set up a very nice environment for both your betta. Nice job.
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