Knotyoureality 2.5 gallon - Your Tanks
User Knotyoureality
Size 2.5 gallon
Date Started 6/15/12
Lighting Sunlight
Equipment none
CO2 none
Substrate polished gravel
Fertilization None
Plants cryptocryne, java moss, frog bit, cardamine lyrata, unknown sword.
Inhabitants 3 "cobra" endlers (guppy/endler hybrid) common pond snails (surprisingly few) 3 ghost shrimp
Comments Set up as an algae farm to produce supplemental feed for my main tank otos, rocks and driftwood pieces are moved back and forth from my main tank. No ferts, heater, or filter and receives filtered sunlight approx. six hours daily. Now it's hardly growing algae at all, go figure.
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