jovonhaln 24"*10"*12" - Your Tanks
User jovonhaln
Size 24"*10"*12"
Date Started 02/12/2012
Lighting one 18" T5 "grow bulb" florescent strip light
Equipment 2 aqueon 20 HOB power filters
CO2 I wish
Substrate Good ol' $4 a bag lfs gravel
Parameters ? steer me right if this is not what we look for. Ph 7.2, GH + KH 4-5, no ammonia or nitrites and nitrates are usually 20 or less.
Fertilization My fish. Giggle giggle
Plants um....2 different swords, Wysteria, Hornwort(?), Pondpenny(?), Java fern. I think. Need to learn so much.
Inhabitants bolivian rams, blue ram, marble angel, serpae's, X-ray tetras, albino pleco, albino cory, algea eater (chinese?), hitchhiker snails.
Comments got a 4" airstone and making my first diy co2
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