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User j_conover
Size 75 gallon freshwater
Date Started set up May 7, 2012; June 1, 2012 added plants and starter fish
Lighting I use two 48" high output fluorescent bulbs. I also use two 21" LED, blue/white hidden lights.
Equipment Eheim Canister filter, 2 water pumps
CO2 None
Substrate Mix of black gravel mixed with nutriant fortified gravel.
Parameters 48"x18"x21"
Fertilization None
Plants Cuban Ludiwidia, Ocelot Sword plant, large Amazon Sword plant, Red Flame Sword plant, Rose Sword plant, two bunches of 4-leaf cover, and 3 Java Ferns.
Inhabitants 30 Neon Tetras, 17 Diamond Tetras(13 female, 4 male), 2 Pepper Corey Cats, 1 Red Laser Corey cat, 1 Panda Corey cat, 2 m/f African Butterfly Fish, 5 German Blue Rams (2 male, 3 female), 3 Farlowella Algae Eaters, and 2 Florida Fiddler crabs, 5 mystery snails, and a Blue Discus.
Comments The Butterfly Fish are amazing and a lot of fun at feedi g time. They are starting to get comfortable with me and come right to the front of the tank during feeding time. They even eat small live crickets, whole in one bite!
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