Knotyoureality 39 gallon tall - Your Tanks
User Knotyoureality
Size 39 gallon tall
Date Started June 28, 2012
Lighting Nova Extreme T5-HO Marineland Single Bright LED (viewing only)
Equipment Eheim filter Chiller
CO2 No
Substrate Flourite topped with gravel
Parameters PH: 6.2-6.8 KH: 80
Fertilization 3x week Seachem Flourish Fert tabs
Plants Amazon sword, cryptocoryne, anubia, java fern, hygrophila, bacopa, ludwigia, dwarf baby tears, temple plant, cardamine lyrata, crinum, java moss.
Inhabitants 7-Corydoras Sterbei 7-Otocinclus 6-Black Neon Tetra 1-SAE 4-Nerite Snail Ghost Shrimp
Comments 8/7/12: lost angelfish to suspected bacterial infection. 8/14/12: added SAE and more plants
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