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29Gallon Tank 0.2.jpg
User Empress Akitla
Size 29 Gallons
Date Started July 13, 2012
Lighting Shop light, not sure of wattage
Equipment Whisper 40i filter, Aqueo internal heater, and Maxima air pump.
CO2 None
Substrate Small to medium fish tank gravel
Parameters All good, according to my little test kit.
Fertilization None
Plants Giant Hairgrass Brazilian Pennywort Aquatic Fern Amazon Sword Ugly little Java Moss Unidentified little leafy plants around the large chunk of terracotta pot
Inhabitants Adult black mollyX2, Baby black mollyX13, Dalmatian redtail platyX2, Golden zebra danioX3, Spotted coryX1, Algae eaterX1, Ghost shrimpX1, Snails....myriads
Comments The baby mollies just keep appearing.
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