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User jovan751
Size 120
Date Started 03/2012
Lighting 2 48" t5ho, 2 24" t5ho sun blaze and 2 cfl 26w
Equipment RENA Filstar xp2, 2 powersweep from zoomed.
CO2 pressurized co2 with ceramic diffuser.
Substrate Mts topped with playsand.
Fertilization Npk and traces once a week.
Plants Anubias barteri var. nana, Bacopa monnieri, cryptocoryne parva, cryptocoryne undulata , echinodorus major, equinodorus rubin, hygrophila corymbosa, hygrophila difformis, lilaeopsis mauritiana, marsilea hirsuta, marsilea crenata, java fern, java moss, microsorium pteropus, and weeping moss.
Inhabitants red eye tetra, neon tetra, glowlight tetra, white skirt tetra,Bleeding Heart Tetra, black skirt tertra, cory catfish, upside down catfish, Featherfin Catfish, Bushy Nose Pleco, platy fish, betta fish, mono sabae, celebese rainbow,tiger barb, rosy barb, cherry barb, assasin snail, apple snail and amano shrimp.
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nice nice nice nice nice :)
Amandas tank
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I love the main focal point! Very unique and beautiful. Concidering what inhabitants you have, this tank must be a real joy to watch! Nice job :)
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