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User Wasserpest
Size 55 gal
Date Started August 2006
Lighting 2 4' T5 bulbs total 80 Watts with Icecap T5 reflectors
Equipment DIY filter (powerhead on sponge), internal power filter, heater
CO2 None
Substrate Kitty Litter
Parameters pH 7.6, kH 10
Fertilization None, just "used" water from my 100 gal tank
Plants Ferns, Mosses, Crypts, Sunset Hygro, Ambulia
Inhabitants 4 Festivums, 1 Pearl Gourami
Comments Just a low tech garage tank housing some fish that I didn't want in my display tank.
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Are these real?
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This is my test tank!
Wannabe Guru
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Nice tank, I love what you did with the hardscape.
Are these real?
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Thank you! For some reason it is turning brackish :)
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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colors might be enhanced if you add more iron and cut back a little on the nitrates ;)
Algae Grower
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Very nice lowtech setup!!
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