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User Django
Size 10 gallons
Date Started 4/18/2012
Lighting 2x 10W CFL raised 20" from substrate
Equipment Fluval U1 internal filter, heater
CO2 natural
Substrate 1" MGOCPM with 1" sand cap
Parameters pH 7.6, Nitrates < 10 ppm, KH 1 ppm, GH 5 ppm, Temperature 79F
Fertilization Flourish Root Tabs, Flourish Comprehensive, Flourish Equilibrium, Potassium Sulphate
Plants 1 Ruffled Sword, Cryptocornes, Stems, Java Moss, Jungle Vallisneria
Inhabitants 6 Pristella Tetras
Comments Gets some indirect sunlight front and back.
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Looks like green spot algae on the glass, if it stays there only I guess it's not a big deal. It's a pretty tank.
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Updated 9-20-2014
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