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User 2wheelsx2
Size 72" x 18" x 22"
Date Started January 2006
Lighting 2xCoralife T5 (42w) 2xPerfecto t8 (30w)
Equipment Fluval FX5 Eheim 2028 2xVisitherm 250 W heaters
CO2 20 lbs Dual diffusers (Rhinox1000 and 2000) Rex regulator setup with manifold and two needle valves
Substrate Regular natural gravel with root tabs
Parameters pH = 6.0 KH = 2 GH = 4 Nitrate = 20 ppm Phosphate = 5 ppm Temperature = 76 F
Fertilization 1 TBSP K2SO4 twice a week 30 mL of trace twice a week (from hydroponics store) 1 TBSP Epsom salts twice a week
Plants Watersprite Corkscrew Val Jungle Val Amazon Sword Anubias nana Java Fern Java Moss
Inhabitants 2xchococlate cichlid 1xGibbiceps Pleco 2xBNP 3xDecker Cory 1xPanda Cory 2xSAE 4xSilver Dollar 1xRedtailed Shark
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