Mecka401 45 - Your Tanks
User Mecka401
Size 45
Date Started 12/2011
Lighting Coralife w/ 6.5k and a 50/50 tubes.
Equipment Tetra PF300 w/ heater left side.
CO2 DIY with hose shoved into Regent Power filter with no media.
Substrate 1/8 to 1/4 inch Rocks, nothing special.
Parameters Tap water comes from a well. 7ph, about 3dH hardness, temp set at 78. Since summer the tank has maintained about 82 degrees and nothing i can do about it
Fertilization Flourish 0.07 - 0.01 - 0.37
Plants Java ferns, vals, Cabomba, Amazon swords (green and ruby reds), Water ferns, Crypts.... others
Inhabitants 9 Cardinals, 5 Minor reds tetras, 1 Chinese algae eater and 5 otos
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Ended up changing up the lights and filter set up. Lost my crayfish when I switched up my fertilizer to one that contained copper ><
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