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User Daniel Morris
Size 72 bowfront
Date Started Spring 2004
Lighting AH Supply 2 10,000K 55 watt Compact flourescent 2 6,500K(?) 55 watt Compact flourescent
Equipment Eheim 2226 Air pump when lights are off
CO2 20lb CO2 tank with Barr Venturi reactor
Substrate Flourite
Parameters roughly: pH - 6.4 GH - 7 KH - 4
Fertilization 1 tsp KNO3 3 x week 1/8 tsp KH2PO4 3 x week 1/4 tsp KSO4 3 x week 15 ml Flourish 3 x week
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Daniel Morris
Algae Grower
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Not even focused on how it looks too much.. just trying to get things growing right!
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