meg2885 72 g bow front - Your Tanks
User meg2885
Size 72 g bow front
Date Started 6/18/12
Lighting 3x54 w t5ho Catalina fixture
Substrate Miracle grow organic garden soil and a layer of eco complete on top
Fertilization None
Plants Rotala green, Oriental sword, Amazon sword, purple cabomba, red tiger lotus, some vals, dwarf sagitaria, water sprite, wisteria, java fern, duckweed, an unidentified plant under filter friend pulled up while fishing
Inhabitants Mollies, 2 cherry barbs, 1 beta, 4 zebra danios,2 ballon rams, 1 panda and 2 green cory cats, algea eater, pleco
Profile Views 341
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Algae Grower
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Wat kind lights are they
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