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User paducahfishfan
Size 120 gallon tall 4x2x2 feet
Date Started 6/15/2011
Lighting 4 T5HO (54W) 1 pair on 12 hour cycle 1 pair on 6 hour cycle (simulates overhead sun)
Equipment TrueTemp Heater (500 W) Fluval FX5 canister filter
Substrate From top to bottom: 120 pounds of black sand 80 pounds of fluorite 40 pound bag of organic dirt
Parameters Ph ~ 6.7 Temp @ 84.0
Fertilization Use Seachem products. Flourish and Iron
Plants Lace, Glosso, dwarf sag, ruffle plant, amazon swords, baby tears, water sprite, wysteria, ludwigia, bacopa, moneywort, trident java fern, riccia and more...
Inhabitants Key fish are: 5 diamond blue discus 10 rainbows 11 rasboras 20 neon, cardinal and glo-light tetras 7 glass catfish, 4 cory cats, 1 SAE, 1 rubber lip plec
Comments 1 year history of the tank documenting plant growth and live stock can be found here:
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Tank looks awesome!
Algae Grower
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Great tank!!
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A real beauty! Blue discus make a nice contrast to all the green. Tank and inhabitants look very well cared for.
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