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User Jdjd831
Size 75
Date Started June 15th 2012
Lighting 48" Aquatic Life 6 bulb T5HO (only running 4 bulbs)
Equipment Dual Eheim 2234 Canisters with rotors removed feeding a Lifegard 2200 with a DIY 40" spray bar slightly above surface for agitation.
CO2 Liquid Carbon for now... hopefully not much longer
Substrate 60% Carib-Sea Moonlight Sand blended with 20% Caribsea Tahitian Moon and 20% Flourite mainly blended in where planted
Fertilization Flourish Root Tabs and Flourish Comprehensive at the moment
Plants Italian Val, Crypt Parva, Crypt Lutea, Crypt Spiralis, Java Moss, Dwarf 4 Leaf Clover, Bacopa Monnieri, Hygro Kompacta, Dwarf Hairgrass, and Crinum Calamistratum (not in picture because I had to order it)
Inhabitants 11 Black Ruby Barbs and about 2 dozen Mini Horned Conch Snails... more to come
Comments My first planted tank and the first tank I've had since I was young :)
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This is what I have for now. Input is welcome as I'm sure I will be making changes and adjustments as time progresses.
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Very nice start. Once those vals fill in it will really come together.
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