Bubba Shrimp 10 Gallon (Not in cycle anymore) - Your Tanks
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User Bubba Shrimp
Size 10 Gallon (Not in cycle anymore)
Date Started June 2012
Lighting Standard Tank Lighting
Equipment 125 watt Heater, Air Pump
Substrate Caribbean Sand
Parameters Tap Water w/ chemicals low nitrate and low ammonia.
Fertilization FlorPride
Plants Cryptocoryne Moehlmanni (Moehlmanni Crypt) Cryptocoryne Usteriana (Usteriana)
Inhabitants 2 Amano Shrimp 2 Ghost Shrimp 2 Adult Zebra Snails 5 Assassin Snails 3 Bloodfin Tetras 3 Blue Tetras
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