leeteekyung 80x40x40cm - Your Tanks
User leeteekyung
Size 80x40x40cm
Date Started march 2011
Lighting 1x14watt TL5
Equipment hanging filter, thermometer
CO2 none
Substrate black scoria
Parameters 25 - 28 degree celcius
Fertilization liquid ferltz per week
Plants java fern, windelov, mosses, pelia, hygrophilla difformis, green hygro, cryptocoyn wenditii
Inhabitants 2xangelfish, 8xrasbora
Comments still retouch and analyze to make this scape better, comments and suggestions are appreciated. thanks.
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Mark F.
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This nicely captures the feel of a flooded forest, when riverbanks swell to inundate terrestrial foliage. The open space is nicely angled - or maybe it's the camera? ;-)
Algae Grower
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hi Mark, thanks for dropping by. i tried to create the path with that angel then capture it with my mobile phone camera. sorry i dont quite understand your comment because my english is just basic, but i take it as compliment anyway :-)
Planted Member
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Really beautiful! I envy your talent!
Algae Grower
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k3xx : may the talent be with you. i dont think im talented, i just try to scape and scape till i find what i love. thanks.
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