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User dhavoc
Size 120g
Date Started 8/06
Lighting Tek T5 8x54w
Equipment Eheim 2026, Marineland HOT, 9w uvc sterilizer
CO2 Rhinox 5000 diffuser, Milwaukee regulator
Substrate ADA Aquasoil
Parameters PH: 6.8, havent tested the rest in months
Fertilization PPS-Pro
Plants too many to name
Inhabitants Tetras: cardinal, bloodfin, green fire, blue, rummy nose, humming bird, Rasboras: harlequin, asian rummy nose, Dwarf puffers (x2) Cory. Sterbai, Cory. Pygmy, Dwarf Cray, Shrimp: Opae Kala'ole, hundreds and hundreds of wild form RCS, One humongus orange moon fish
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Wannabe Guru
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Very nice. I like how you managed a full look while leaving alot of open swimming space.
Algae Grower
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Beautiful tank. Just wish you'd list the plants.
Stella Blue
Planted Member
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Very Nice..... i would add a black background to make the green plants stand out more! :)
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