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User Unikorn
Size 20 gallon
Date Started
Lighting Dual T5HO 6700k bulbs
Equipment Fluval 206 Dual sponge bio filter
CO2 Aquatek CO2 regulator solenoid single outlet. 20oz paintball CO2 tank w/adapter. Surge protector with timer for lights and CO2. Aquatek's 3 in 1 diffuser. UP Aqua CO2 drop checker.
Substrate 20 lbs sand and 10 lbs small gravel, driftwood
Parameters Cycle is established and biweekly water changes done to keep nitrates under control.
Fertilization Gro soil tabs, Dry ferts- EI dosing
Plants Anubias Nana, Large Sword, Red tiger lotus, Green Wendtii, Bronze wendtii, banana plant, hornwort, and java moss wall
Inhabitants male dwarf honey gourami,4 emerald corys, PFR's, Sakura and regular cherry shrimp, lots of ram horn snails.
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