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User auban
Size 65 Gallons
Date Started July 2009
Lighting one 48 inch shoplight, three reflector shop lights. all from wallmart. i aim for 6500k and high lumens.
Equipment canister filters, home made filters. pic taken with iphone 3
CO2 DIY CO2 yeast reactor, run up through a ladder diffuser and then into a filter intake.
Substrate play sand from Lowes hardware, from the concrete section.
Parameters ph 6.9, temp 78, ammonia <1ppm, nitrite<1ppm, nitrate ~20ppm
Fertilization clay balls, fertilized then dried, then shoved under the plants.
Plants too many
Inhabitants too many
Comments most of my equiptemt(including the tank) was given to me. i would rather make it than buy it.
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Just thought I should add, though, your ammonia and nitrites are a bit high. Is your tank still cycling?
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the tank was not cycling in this pic... it was well beyond that. i was experimenting with it.
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