SuRje1976 240L (65G) - Your Tanks
User SuRje1976
Size 240L (65G)
Date Started 2/17/07
Lighting TekLight, 4x54W. Photoperiod 2x54W for 8 hours with 3 hours of 4x54W midday.
Equipment Eheim 2128, 2217. Coralife 18W TurboTwist UVS. Auto Water Changer, Auto Fert Dosing System.
CO2 Pressurized diffused, 1-1.5bps
Substrate Powersand Special-M, Aquasoil Amazonia, Bright Sand
Parameters CO2 20-30ppm, NO3 8ppm, PO4 1.5ppm
Fertilization via Auto Fert Dosing system to maintain parameters listed above
Plants Cyperus helferi, Polygonum sp., Rotala rotundifolia, R. macrandra, Microsorum pteropus, Cryptocoryne lucens, Anubias barteri var. nana, A. barteri var. coffeefolia, Anubias barteri var. nana "petite," Eriocaulon cinereum, Taxiphyllum barbieri
Inhabitants Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, Paracheirodon axelrodi, Otocinclus vittatus, Caridina multidentata
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The Circumloctioner
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Love the new setup!!! Nature/Dutch looks fantastic!!! Cheers!
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Gorgeous tank! This has to be one of my favorites!
Aroid Addict
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Awesome! Love the path-leading-through-the-woods look. The Petite Nana look perfect in that setting
Algae Grower
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nice tank
Algae Grower
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wow very nice,are you sure amano didnt do that just kidding awesome job
Algae Grower
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DANG! talk about streamlined! 4 thumbs up!
Algae Grower
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its very nice
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love it! I really like how you scattered the polygonum so so amazing
Junior Member
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short plants,~~~what is the name of them?
Algae Grower
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I hope to one day have the skill in this hobby to make a tank as beautiful as this. Breath taking!
Algae Grower
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The pop of red on the left is just perfect and the yellow transitions are wonderful. Love it.
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